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This last weekend of november LouvainMUN had the chance to participate in the ULBMUN conference in Brussels organised by the NMUN Brussels delegation 👨‍🏫

The delegates participated in different committees ( General assemblies) where they could defend the interests of their respective countries, negotiate, debate and write resolutions. 💼

Our delegates were to experience a new setting for this experience. Some special rules of NMUN were destabilizing at first but they were able to adapt very quickly. They formed pairs to defend their countries. 🙏

  • Elssa Gbeily & Emilien Mercenier defended France in GA3

  • Rita Rudatenguha & Felix Dejaiffe defended Turkey in GA1

  • Agathe Wantiez & Philippine Misson defended Norway in GA2

Two of our students/alumni were recognised for their ability:

Rita Rudatenguha and Felix Dejaiffe were awarded the outstanding delegation award for participating in the first General Assembly.

Our delegates were able to use this experience to learn, develop and prepare for the conference coming up in the second semester.


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