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Learn everything about Model UN

If you are interested in the MUN concept but don't know exactly how it works and want to learn, one of our members has created the solution for you!

"It all started from an observation that I made: There are not enough online resources on MUN and even less pedagogical courses. So I said to myself : Why not do it myself ?"

Emilien Mercenier


Vision The goal of the course is to promote education, the different institutions like the U.N. and also the empowering of the youth.

Construction Emilien Mercenier started the construction of the MOOC four months ago. It took a lot of time to create the scripts, imagine the activities, develop the designs but it was worth it.


For personal use The main application remains that of allowing any person interested in the world of MUN to learn everything there is to know about the subject without depending on any structure.

For your trainings The second application is the academic one, it is obvious that for a Munclub or a debate association, it is a huge asset to have access to an online training that doesn't need trainer. You can offer it to your students before the beginning of the trainings & simulations so that they are in the best conditions to start their training.

For a conference

Finally, the last application is the conference MUN. The course was designed so that conference organizers can offer their participants from all over the world equal training. This can be a great argument to promote your conference. In addition, it will undoubtedly raise the level of your conference

"Great course ! I think it's well structure and quite concise. I particularely enjoyed the quizz and the activity. It's more fun to alternate between a theoretical video and a practical exercice or a quizz. Thanks for your work ! " Ariane Magerat



DISCOVER MUN MUN is an activity that has already attracted many students, in this course you will learn more about what is done, how it is done, how to participate.

RULES OF PROCEDURE There are many rules to respect in order for the debates to take place as they should. However, you don't have to digest these rules alone, our course allows you to learn them in a more didactic and fun way with quizzes.

PREPARATION During MUN, every beginner will realise that they should have prepared more, prepared differently or simply that preparation is very important. That's why in this course we propose to teach you how to prepare for your lectures so that you are ready on the day.

CONFERENCE It is very important after preparing the conference to be able to put this information into practice. In this course you will learn the art of debate, the different parts of a conference, how to write draft resolutions and other official papers, etc.

AFTER CONFERENCE In this course, you will find an exclusive and original part that is not common in the classic MUN courses. You will learn everything there is to know about the post-conference.

TOOLS SHEETS As a student, you will have the chance to receive exclusive content to help you in your future as a delegate (tool sheets, cheat sheets,...)

CERTIFICATION With the premium version, we give you the opportunity to receive a diploma of participation in the online training.

"Great course ! This course was very interesting and gave an overview of all the notions to know before going to a MUN conference! I recommend it without hesitation for anyone who is curious or wants to improve their knowledge. Thanks for your work ! " Amina Nasrallah



This course is really a golden opportunity, it has been designed to meet the needs of a beginner and is accompanied by a lot of practice mixed with theory to make it fun. Click on the button to access the course website.

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