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Our next conference 🇺🇳

We will soon leave for Ljubljana to participate in the MUNLAWS 10th conference organized by the Faculty of Law of Ljubljana and in partnership with NATO.

The MUNLawS is the largest university-level conference in Slovenia. This three-day event is aimed at university, secondary school students, and young professionals. It takes place each year in Autumn at the Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. The previous nine conferences were attended by more than 1 000 delegates from more than 40 countries and 4 continents.

Our students are in full preparation of the conference, they are working on their position paper, moderated caucus, etc.

We will have delegates in many different committees, here are the assignments:

- Human Right Council (beginner) : Ariane Magerat & Eve-Laure Burton

They will be working on Prevention of migrant smuggling and the implication of mass surveillance.

- European Council (beginner): Rita Ruda & Agathe Wantiez

On the topics of future generations and financially stable environmental regulations and EU's approach to nuclear.

- INTERPOL (intermediate) : Bente Van Der Schoot & Taha Mouline

Debating on the situation in Ukraine and preventing red notice enforceability and misuse issues.

- NATO (intermediate) : Elssa Gbeily

She will be working on the security in the baltic and nordic states and the usage of A.I. and autonomous weapons.

- OSCE (short) : Lisette Melick

On the case concerning space activities and A.I.

- Security Council (Advanced) : Emilien Mercenier & John Du Parc Locmaria

These guys will work on adressing the situation in Ukraine and revising the UNSC.

Wish us good luck, we hope to have a great time and surely bring home some awards.

Talking about awards, recently we designed a new hall of fame with all the awards won by LouvainMUN, you can access it by clicking on the button below.

More information will follow, if you want to know about our next adventures, don't hesitate to follow us on social networks.


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