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We are hiring !

We have received a large number of applications and seen a lot of interest in joining the ranks. That's why we've decided to organize an exceptional recruitment to replenish the ranks of our teams. 🇺🇳

We invite you to apply to join our team

As a reminder LouvainMUN it's:

  • getting a unique learning by doing experience next to your studies 💼

  • participating in two conference per year with a financial support ✈️

  • boosting your personal growth and professional profile by building your self-confidence & leadership 🛠

  • developing your English communication and acquiring highly valuable soft skills 🇬🇧

  • evolving in a collaborative interdisciplinary 🤝🏾

  • being part of a +100,000 open and international student community, travel around the world and make friends for life! 🇺🇳

If you want to know about our next adventures, don't hesitate to follow us on social networks.

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