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In accordance with the safety measures taken by the UCLouvain, extra-academic activities organized by our student association taking place both in and outside UCLouvain buildings are cancelled until further notice. We also took note of the extension of the distance learning until the end of the term. Nevertheless, we remain convinced and motivated to realize our project but also to prepare you a second semester full of experience. Our recruitment is therefore maintained!

The @pplication,
 preparation and application session will remain unchanged as they are distance activities. In order to ensure the smooth running of the recruitment process, we will keep you well informed of the possible changes to it, in particular to the corresponding deadlines. For any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact us!

1. @pplication

In order to start your application, we will ask you to fill in an online form to get some information about yourself. Please answer carefully to all questions. We will give a lot of attention to your motivation.

If your profile meets the application requirements (take a look at our FAQ here), y
ou will then be invited to an application session.

2. Preparation

In order to prepare for the application session, you will be assigned a country and a fresh international topic on which you will need to write a position paper.

A position paper is a statement that gives an overview of the position of a country on a given topic.

In order to help you, you will receive a preparation booklet


3. Application sessions

After submitting your position paper, you will take part in an individual interview where we will ask you critical questions about the subject and personal questions regarding your background, persona and motivation to join us.

4. Group Debate

Following your research on your country's position on a topic of international relations, we will organize a group debate with all applicants. The aim is to give you a first taste of what we do, but also to give us an idea of your soft and hard skills. 

Fear not this step, for our coaches will be there to assist you every step of the way! 

In addition, you will also receive a preparation booklet, as with the position paper.

5. Feedback and selection

Within a week after your interview, you will receive feedback as well as our final decision on your candidacy. 

 *TBC in accordance with the safety measures taken by the UCLouvain. The individual interview will be conducted by Teams or Skype.

Some questions? 

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