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The Lion's Mound

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

September 20, 2020.

LouvainMUN 2020-2021 held its first team building!

On a sunny Sunday, LouvainMUN went alongside the Lion’s Mound, in Waterloo, to celebrate their first team building. On the program: a giant stratego, various brainstorming sessions and a multiple-levels mime game. Switching between professional and more informal discussions in a space full of greenery, the teambuilding was a great opportunity for us members to get to know each other and to genuinely take part in the LouvainMUN team.

From Baïlo Staumont, LouvainMUN President

❝ Our goal was to allow our members to meet for the first time. On account of the current health crisis, we did not have the opportunity to see each other - even during the recruitment process, which only made this day more special! We wanted this first meeting to take place in a cosy place in which we would play several team games... And we did! Thanks again to Fred Cornet who made this day possible. ❞

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