Saturday March 7th

5th Edition | Tackling Global Issues

In the shoes of a diplomat: making the world better at UCLouvain 


Welcome to MUNDAY 2020

LouvainMUN organizes every year its very own Model United Nations Day.  This year's edition was held on Saturday March 7th 2020. 

This simulation offers students from all kinds of studies, from Belgium and abroad the opportunity to walk in the shoes of a UN diplomat for one entire day at UCLouvain. Each student is allocated a country to represent in one of the United Nations committees. You can expect a day full of debating, negotiation and public speaking on global issues.


Thank you all for taking part in this 5th edition. 

The LouvainMUN team would like to thank you all very much for your involvement in this 5th edition. This edition was a real success for us and we hope that you had as good a time as we did! We would also like to thank Mr. Raoul Delcorte for giving us some time and the photoKOT team who gave their all throughout the day! 

You can find the pictures by clicking on the link below 

Thanks to our partners