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Available positions

This year, not only can you apply to be a member of LouvainMUN, you can also apply for one of the three remaining positions on the board.

LouvainMUN is composed of full members registered as students at UCLouvain who take actively part in the association activities & purpose. 

Within the association, a board is set up. As members of the governing body of the association, the members of the board must :

  • jointly steer the association towards a sustainable direction

  • coordinate and ensure the quality of the association's activities

  • maintain and develop the association's network

  • enhance the association's public image

  • and much more !

Read hereunder to learn more about the open Board positions as well as the possibilities of being an Entourage member in sponsoring, communication, events or logistics & HR. 

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Learn about the open Board positions!

The members we are looking for must have a healthy interest in international relations, global issues and diplomacy AND be registered at UCLouvain for the 2020-2021 academic year!

Do you feel like you're the next Treasurer 

Job summary (4h/week)

The treasurer is in charge of the budgeting and accountancy to ensure the financial viability of the association. 

  • Support Head of Sponsoring in raising funds

  • Take care of the accountancy tasks (invoices, budget, relationship with bank)

  • Monitor the budget and financial statements

  • Allocate and manage the resources of the association (plan expenditures and income)

Required profile 

  • Be a student with strong leadership abilities and some experience with accounting.

  • Be a very structured person who can communicate in a clear and concise manner with the rest of the team.

  • Be good with numbers and not afraid to work with Excel

Do you feel like you're the next Head of Events

Job summary (4h/week)

The Head of Events has to plan, design and coordinate the events of the association in line with its mission, vision and values to reach the broader student community.

  • Set and implement an accurate events agenda (including MUNDay, Alumni Night and Conferences)

  • Search for and identify events with prospective partners

  • Propose ideas to improve events quality and content

Required profile 

  • Be a student with preferably some experience with event organization/team management. 

  • Be a team player, proactive, positive and with an entrepreneurial mind.

  • Have excellent organizational and time management skills

Do you feel like you're the next Head of Communication ?

Job summary (4h/week)

The Head of Communication has to maintain and develop an effective communication strategy, ensure that activities are accurately portrayed and heighten the association recognition and visibility in line with its mission, vision and values. 

  • Ensure the vision and execution of a clear brand image

  • Set and implement a clear communication schedule

  • Keep the outside world regularly and consistently up to date through social media, website, hard copy materials etc. 

  • Look for new and creative opportunities to present the association 

Required profile 

  • Be a student with preferably some experience with communication/marketing.

  • Be creative with words and idea, have an excellent knowledge of English and French.

  • Believe in the association's mission, vision and values and be eager to tell the rest of the world about it

Do you prefer to be an active member

The entourage members support and assist a member of the board in his or her field. 

When you apply, don't hesitate to apply for a team that interests you and we will take this into account. However, the allocation of team members will take place after a first meeting altogether and after having established the different objectives and projects of each team.

Entourage Members


We are looking for very creative students able to work consistently. Someone who believes in the association's mission, vision and values and who's eager to tell the rest of the world about it! 

Entourage Member 

Logistics & HR

We are looking for someone  who likes to bring people together in both professional and casual settings. You have to be a team player open to everyone and with excellent interpersonal skills

Entourage Members 


We are looking for a proactive student with a positive and entrepreneurial mindset. Someone with excellent organizational and time management skills.  

Entourage Members


We are looking for a very structured person with a spontaneous and positive mindset. Someone who possess the necessary interpersonal skills to network, attend events, initiate and maintain contact with partners in a polite and clear manner.

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