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LouvainMUN Timeline

First semester agenda

September 22, 2020

Sophie da Camara's Lecture


LouvainMUN is hounoured to welcome Sophie da Camara as a guest speaker 

Ms. da Camara is a former UN employee and specialist on international relations with a focus on the African region. She broadly introduced the situation in Yemen and the role of diplomacy in the 21st century (with a focus on the UNSC: sanctions and peace keeping), but also the work on the field (humanitarian aid access and relief).


November 21, 2020

Belgian Simulation Day postponed

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LouvainMUN is highly pleased to host at UCLouvain their counterparts from other Belgian Universities

The BSD is a friendly joint simulation in partnership with VUBMUN, KULBruxMUN and ULBMUN which will take place at UCLouvain. The aim of this event includes strenghtening our bondings with our counterparts, especially as part of last-year MUN Day's success which encounged us to organize more similar events.


March 13 & 14, 2021


More information coming very soon! 

September 20, 2020

Team building in Waterloo 


LouvainMUN first team building of the year!

On the program: discussions, fun... And an intensive workout! Both recreative and professional, we planned a giant stratego, brainstorming sessions and, on a sweeter note, a mime game focusing on political personalities.


November 3, 2020

Alumni Night! postponed

Image d’iOS.jpg

LouvainMUN scheduled an amusing simulation during which Alumni and active members could meet and discuss

More informal compared to a classic LouvainMUN training, the Alumni Night would provide both entertainment and a fruitful learning with the implementation of double delegations.


November 25, 2020


LouvainMUN & Global initiativ' sign again a great partnership and invite you to a conference about Russia! 


A great opportunity to learn more about the Russian influence at the gates of Europe and the recent elections in Belarus.

From 26 January to 5 February, 2021

Recruitment Session


Want to be part of our team ?

Go have a look at the Application page! 

We are also preparing a whole range of projects for the second semesters!

So, stay tuned !

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